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Alex’s dad is the namesake of Gilla, and his family is very involved, including his mom, brother, wife and cousin. He enjoys co-owning the brewery because they are all able to pull enough weight so they are able to balance life outside of the brewery. Alex enjoys the idea of working for himself and doing something he enjoys is something he has always dreamed of. “Plus, it’s a brewery, it’s just cool.” Alex has been brewing for over 15 years and his first love was Abita Amber, but Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout was the beer that really got him in the game. Finances is Alex’s main responsibility, although he does a little of everything, as needed. He is looking forward to Gilla continuing to grow while they consistently put out great products and are able to make positive contributions to their local community.


Favorite Gilla Beer: Gilla State of Mind

Alex Shillings

Brad is originally from New Orleans but his love and passion for the craft of making beer, as well as the way art and science come together to give the end result of the way a beer finishes, has brought him to be one of the co-owners of Gilla. He is the brewmaster and brewhouse manager, the guy who creates the recipes to bring us the beer we know and love. Brad has been brewing for about 12 years and his love for West Coast IPAs is what has kept him going since he first fell in love with craft beer, thanks to Red Hook Long Hammer IPA and Sierra Nevada Torpedo. One of the things Brad enjoys most about owning a brewery is being able to contribute his knowledge to create a superior product that their consumers enjoy. Looking forward, Brad would like Gilla to eventually be a part distribution and part taproom model, with a “dope” brewhouse and a nice outdoor space. 


Favorite Gilla Beer: Oktoberfest, Neither Confirm Nor Deny or Step Brewers

Brad Andersen

As a lifelong resident of Ascension Parish, Bobby is stoked to join the ownership team as the head brewer of Ascension's first craft brewery. Bobby's craft beer story begins with the first time he had a Warsteiner's Dunkel beer and was surprised by a dark beer being light and approachable. Then, Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale peaked his interest in hoppy beer, the floodgates were opened and the obsession began. After home brewing for just a couple of years, he took a stab at pro brewing at Southern Craft. Fast forward a few years, the fellas at Gilla recruited him and under the wing of then head brewer Brad, he became head brewer and now co-owner. He shares the vision of Brad and Alex to become a staple in the community and in growing the brewery's taproom and distribution in the market. 


Favorite beer: Ænimatic Parabol and Step Brewers

Bobby hoyt
owner/head brewer

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