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A lot of people ask us, “What does Gilla mean?” We’d like to take a moment to explain the story behind the name:


When trying to settle on a name for the first brewery in Ascension Parish, we wanted a name that not only represented our style and personality but also connected us to the community. Urban Dictionary defines “Gilla” as “something over the top,” which perfectly describes the strong, bold flavors you will find in our taproom. 


For us, Gilla has an even deeper meaning; it was the nickname of one of our owners’ late father, Kevin “Gilla” Shillings. Kevin was a staple and larger-than-life personality in Ascension Parish. Often referred to as “The Voice of Ascension Sports,” Kevin was a sports announcer for all sports, at all levels, throughout Ascension Parish and he provided play-by-play for TV and radio. He also hosted a weekly coach’s show on local cable, where he frequently interviewed coaches and athletes. A four-sport letterman at East Ascension High School, he had tremendous strength and athletic ability. He rightfully earned the nickname Gilla when people began to refer to him as the old cartoon character Magilla Gorilla, which was eventually shortened to Gilla.  


Kevin tragically passed away on October 11, 2015, after a brief battle with cancer. There has been a piece of Ascension Parish missing since then, and we hope to fill that void as active members of the community. 


Kevin’s signature sign-off phrase was, “Thank you for your time this time, until next time.” We are forever grateful for the time he spent with us, and it is our honor and privilege to let his memory live on through our work at Gilla Brewing.


Mr. Gilla himself

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